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pharmaceutical cleanrooms

  • Clean Room Sink For Pharmaceutical And Hospital

    Contact NowClean Room Sink For Pharmaceutical And HospitalClean room sink for pharmaceutical and hospital introduction Clean bench, it is a kind of to provide local work environment clean, sterile air purification equipment, and the workspace has polluted air filter through specialized channel artificially controlling emissions, avoid the harm to...Read More

  • High Quality Food ,Medical Pharmaceutical Workshop High Standard Clean Space Cleaning Corridor Construction Construction

    Contact NowHigh Quality Food ,Medical Pharmaceutical Workshop High Standard Clean Space Cleaning Corridor Construction ConstructionAir purification There are four sources of pollution in the clean room: ①dust and bacteria in the air as well as dust particles and microorganism brought from fresh air in the purification air conditioning system; ②dust generated by operator; ③dust generated from building envelope and...Read More

  • Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment Turnkey Pharmaceutical Clean Room

    Contact NowIndustrial Floor Cleaning Equipment Turnkey Pharmaceutical Clean RoomAir shower tunnel introduction Workshop reconstruction project (called turnkey project), the project is mainly to the original level than workshop, thousand level workshop into a dynamic thousands, hundreds of workshop, the project includes: color steel plate partition wall, ceiling, floor, the...Read More

  • Semiconductor Cleanrooms

    Contact NowSemiconductor Cleanroomssemiconductor-cleanrooms introduction Clean room of the main function is to control products (such as silicon) contact by clean living and temperature and humidity of the atmosphere, can make the products in a good environment of production and manufacturing in the space, this space we call it a...Read More

  • Quick Cleanrooms And Laminar Flow Units

    Contact NowQuick Cleanrooms And Laminar Flow UnitsQuick Cleanrooms and Laminar Flow Units introduction The clean room at the ISO 5 level is less than 3,520 particles per cubic meter, equivalent to the 100 level of the Fed's std.209e.In the clean room of level 5, it is recommended to use ionic electrostatic eliminator to eliminate static...Read More

  • Clean Room Classification For Pharmaceutical Industry

    Contact NowClean Room Classification For Pharmaceutical IndustryClean Room Classification for Pharmaceutical Industry introduction Aseptic technology is a series of operation techniques to maintain the sterile and sterile area and prevent the pathogenic microorganisms from invading the human body during the operation of medical care. Aseptic technique for...Read More

  • Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Iso 8

    Contact NowPharmaceutical Cleanroom Iso 8Pharmaceutical cleanroom iso 8 introduction Clean room refers to the air cleanliness, temperature, humidity, pressure, noise and other parameters according to the need to control the space of the better. In the volume air of the clean space unit, the grade standard of the maximum concentration...Read More

  • Modular Cleanrooms For All Industries

    Contact NowModular Cleanrooms For All IndustriesModular Cleanrooms for All Industries introduction FFU keel is clean room modularization ceiling system, our company production of the suspended ceiling system with the advantages of similar foreign products, according to the characteristics of the domestic clean workshop design, giving it a...Read More

  • Class 100 Pharmaceutical Cleanroom

    Contact NowClass 100 Pharmaceutical CleanroomClass 100 pharmaceutical cleanroom introduction To clean room clean level, must have a comprehensive measures, including the process layout, building plane , building construction, building decoration materials, personnel, and purification, air purification measures, maintenance and management,...Read More

  • Lab Architects Designing Cleanrooms

    Contact NowLab Architects Designing CleanroomsLab Architects Designing Cleanrooms introduction As a kind of clean room, clean lab USES some principle of general clean room in all kinds of construction. Clean laboratory in terms of location choice to comply with the design requirements of clean level, should choose the atmospheric dust...Read More

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