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Cleanroom Corridor

  • Stainless Steel Cleanroom Fan Filter Unit (FFU)

    Contact NowStainless Steel Cleanroom Fan Filter Unit (FFU)Cleanroom Fan Filter introduction FFU is all called fan filter unit. A modular end-supply device with power and filtration efficiency. The air is inhaled from the top of the FFU and filtered by HEPA. The clean air after filtration is evenly distributed through the air at 0.45m/s/s.FFU has long...Read More

  • Air Purifier Hepa Cleanroom Fan Filter

    Contact NowAir Purifier Hepa Cleanroom Fan FilterClean room air conditioner introduction The high efficiency filter is mainly used for collecting particle dust and various suspended objects under 0.5 um, as the end filtration of various filtration systems. Each system is tested by the flame method, which has the characteristics of high...Read More

  • Soft Wall Cleanroom Outfit

    Contact NowSoft Wall Cleanroom OutfitClean room outfit introduction Clean room, or dust free clean room, purification room or dust free clean room. It is the basis of pollution control. There is no dust free clean room, and polluting sensitive parts cannot be mass-produced. Within the FED - STD - 2, dust-free clean room is defined...Read More

  • Class 10000 Modular Cleanroom

    Contact NowClass 10000 Modular CleanroomClass 10000 Modular Cleanroomintroduction 10000 levels of clean room is to a certain space range of particles in the air, bacteria and other harmful air pollutants, and hundreds of level of clean indoor temperature, cleanliness, interior pressure, air velocity and air distribution, noise,...Read More

  • Class 1000 Softwall Modular Cleanroom

    Contact NowClass 1000 Softwall Modular CleanroomWorkshop dust free room introduction According to international practice, the level of dust removal is mainly based on the number of particles in the air per cubic meter. That is to say, the dust is not completely free of dust, but is controlled in a very small amount of units. Of course, the...Read More

  • High Quality Automatic Cleanroom,purifying Air Shower Clean Room,air Shower Chamber

    Contact NowHigh Quality Automatic Cleanroom,purifying Air Shower Clean Room,air Shower ChamberAir shower room is used in clean workshops and fabricated small clean rooms for blowing dusts attached to human body entering the purification workshops and on the surface of the carried goods; at the same time, the room is also used as air brake to prevent air without purification from entering...Read More

  • Laminar Flow Cleanroom

    Contact NowLaminar Flow CleanroomLaminar flow cleanroom Information FFU fan filter unit is type of unit used for filtering laminar air and supplying clean air. FFU can be used stand alone or installed modularly. FFU is the core when making clean room equipment for a given space including clean booth, clean bench and clean room...Read More

  • Clean Room Iso 7 Iso Class 5 Cleanroom

    Contact NowClean Room Iso 7 Iso Class 5 CleanroomDust free clean room introduction The clean room at the ISO 5 level is less than 3,520 particles per cubic meter, equivalent to the 100 level of the Fed's std.209e.In the clean room of level 5, it is recommended to use ionic electrostatic eliminator to eliminate static electricity. In the...Read More

  • Air Shower CleanRoom Purifier Vertical Clean Benches

    Contact NowAir Shower CleanRoom Purifier Vertical Clean BenchesDynamic air shower pass box introduction Clean bench, it is a kind of to provide local work environment clean, sterile air purification equipment, and the workspace has polluted air filter through specialized channel artificially controlling emissions, avoid the harm to people and environment,...Read More

  • High Quality Food ,Medical Pharmaceutical Workshop High Standard Clean Space Cleaning Corridor Construction Construction

    Contact NowHigh Quality Food ,Medical Pharmaceutical Workshop High Standard Clean Space Cleaning Corridor Construction ConstructionAir purification There are four sources of pollution in the clean room: ①dust and bacteria in the air as well as dust particles and microorganism brought from fresh air in the purification air conditioning system; ②dust generated by operator; ③dust generated from building envelope and...Read More

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