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Valve Installation Requirements in Cleaning Room
Dec 29, 2018

Before installing the valve in the purification room, it is necessary to carefully check whether the type and specifications meet the design requirements, check whether the stem and disc are flexible, whether there are blockage and skew phenomena, and carry out strength test and rigorous test on the valve according to relevant regulations; for the valve in the horizontal pipeline, the valve stem should be vertical upward or left-right 45 degrees, or be installed horizontally but not downward; for the valve in the vertical pipeline, the valve valve valve should be installed horizontally but not downward. The rod must be installed in the direction of the operating circuit line.


When installing the valve in the purification room, the valve should be kept closed, and the characteristics of the valve and the direction of medium flow should be noticed; when installing the threaded connection valve, a live joint should be installed at the outlet of the valve; when installing the valve with the operating mechanism and transmission device, the valve should be installed with the operating mechanism and transmission device after the valve is installed, and they should be cleaned before installation and after installation. Adjustments should also be made to make the movements flexible and the instructions accurate.


The position of the valve in the purification room should be as easy to operate and maintain as possible. When there is space for valve installation in the pipe well or engine room, it should be arranged as far as possible. When it is installed in the ceiling, sufficient repair holes should be pre-positioned on the ceiling and enough repair space should be provided in the ceiling. Where air-conditioning water pipelines intersect with other specialties, comprehensive pipeline layout should be drawn before installation. Fig. Consider the three-dimensional intersection and layout of pipelines, especially the repair space of

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