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Sterile operating room

  • Clean Room Classification For Pharmaceutical Industry

    Contact NowClean Room Classification For Pharmaceutical IndustryClean Room Classification for Pharmaceutical Industry introduction Aseptic technology is a series of operation techniques to maintain the sterile and sterile area and prevent the pathogenic microorganisms from invading the human body during the operation of medical care. Aseptic technique for...Read More

  • Clean Room Iso 7 Iso Class 5 Cleanroom

    Contact NowClean Room Iso 7 Iso Class 5 CleanroomDust free clean room introduction The clean room at the ISO 5 level is less than 3,520 particles per cubic meter, equivalent to the 100 level of the Fed's std.209e.In the clean room of level 5, it is recommended to use ionic electrostatic eliminator to eliminate static electricity. In the...Read More

  • Clean Room Classification

    Contact NowClean Room ClassificationClean Room Classification introduction To clean room clean level, must have a comprehensive measures, including the process layout, building plane , building construction, building decoration materials, personnel, and purification, air purification measures, maintenance and management, etc....Read More

  • High Quality Stainless Steel Modular Manual Double Open the Door Clean Cargo Shower Room,channel

    Contact NowHigh Quality Stainless Steel Modular Manual Double Open the Door Clean Cargo Shower Room,channelUsage: Goods shower room is used in clean plants and fabricated small clean room for blowing down dusts attached to human body entering the purification workshop and on the surface of the carried goods; at the same time, the room is also used as air brake to prevent air without purification from...Read More

  • Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment Turnkey Pharmaceutical Clean Room

    Contact NowIndustrial Floor Cleaning Equipment Turnkey Pharmaceutical Clean RoomAir shower tunnel introduction Workshop reconstruction project (called turnkey project), the project is mainly to the original level than workshop, thousand level workshop into a dynamic thousands, hundreds of workshop, the project includes: color steel plate partition wall, ceiling, floor, the...Read More

  • High Quality General Right Angle,Shaped,Modular Cargo Air Shower Room

    Contact NowHigh Quality General Right Angle,Shaped,Modular Cargo Air Shower RoomUsage: Goods shower room is a necessary channel to access goods clean room, which can reduce pollution caused by entering and leaving the clean room installed between clean room and non-clean room as a local purification equipment with strong universality. It is necessary for people and goods to...Read More

  • Portable Clean Room Enclosures Air Filter

    Contact NowPortable Clean Room Enclosures Air FilterPortable clean room hood introduction Air filter refers to the air filtration unit, which is used for cleaning workshop, cleaning plant, laboratory and clean room, or used in electronic machinery communication equipment and other dustproof. There are initial filter, medium - effect filter, high...Read More

  • Modular Clean Room With FFU Laboratory Purification Project

    Contact NowModular Clean Room With FFU Laboratory Purification ProjectModular clean room with FFU introduction FFU can be used for modular connection, which makes FFU widely used in dust-free room, dust-free operation table, dust-free production line, dust-free room and local hundred level applications.FFU has initial and efficient two-stage filter. The air is...Read More

  • Super Clean Room Consumables

    Contact NowSuper Clean Room ConsumablesUltra clean room introduction Clean room is a space within the scope of the particles in the air, bacteria and other harmful air pollutants, and the indoor temperature, cleanliness, interior pressure, air velocity and air distribution, noise, vibration, and lighting, static control within the...Read More

  • Operation Clean Room Pharmacy Clean Room

    Contact NowOperation Clean Room Pharmacy Clean RoomLaminar flow operating room introduction The dust free room is also called a cleaning room or clean room. It is the basis of pollution control. Control the concentration of aerosol particles to achieve the appropriate level of particle cleanliness. Clean room is within the scope of a certain...Read More

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