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Modular air shower to clean room

  • ISO 7 Clean Room

    Contact NowISO 7 Clean RoomISO 7 Clean Room introduction The ISO 7 clean room has fewer than 352,000 micro particles per cubic meter, equal to the 10,000-level of the Fed's std.209e.This level of clean room does not require wearing masks, but requires wearing antistatic cleaning clothes, boots and caps, which allow...Read More

  • Portable Clean Room Enclosures Air Filter

    Contact NowPortable Clean Room Enclosures Air FilterPortable clean room hood introduction Air filter refers to the air filtration unit, which is used for cleaning workshop, cleaning plant, laboratory and clean room, or used in electronic machinery communication equipment and other dustproof. There are initial filter, medium - effect filter, high...Read More

  • Ac Air Filters Air Shower Accessories

    Contact NowAc Air Filters Air Shower AccessoriesAir shower door introduction Anion air purifier is a kind of environmental optimization apparatus which USES the negative ion generated by itself to purify, dust, remove and sterilize air, and the difference between the traditional air purification machine as anion effect factor, the isolation...Read More

  • Clean Room Builders

    Contact NowClean Room BuildersClean Room Builders introduction Clean room construction is the basis of pollution control. There is no dust free clean room, and polluting sensitive parts cannot be mass-produced. Dust-free clean room is within the scope of a certain space of the particles in the air, bacteria and other...Read More

  • Clean Room Sink For Pharmaceutical And Hospital

    Contact NowClean Room Sink For Pharmaceutical And HospitalClean room sink for pharmaceutical and hospital introduction Clean bench, it is a kind of to provide local work environment clean, sterile air purification equipment, and the workspace has polluted air filter through specialized channel artificially controlling emissions, avoid the harm to...Read More

  • Single Person Double Blow Air Shower Design

    Contact NowSingle Person Double Blow Air Shower DesignBiological safety cabinet introduction Laminar flow cabinet is one of the equipment that can isolate the operator from the product. Its main purpose is to avoid product contamination. The air from the clean room, then the fan installed in the top of the pressurized cabin is filtered through the...Read More

  • ISO 6 Clean Room

    Contact NowISO 6 Clean RoomISO 6 clean Room introduction To clean room clean level, must have a comprehensive measures, including the process layout, building plane , building construction, building decoration materials, personnel, and purification, air purification measures, maintenance and management, etc. Among them...Read More

  • Recessed Air Curtain Softwall Clean Room

    Contact NowRecessed Air Curtain Softwall Clean RoomLaminar flow room introduction Laminar Flow Room generally refers to laminar flow operating room. The laminar flow room is the control of the degree of air cleaning technology to the microbial contamination, so as to control the air cleanliness in the space environment. And provide the...Read More

  • Air Purifier Hepa Cleanroom Fan Filter

    Contact NowAir Purifier Hepa Cleanroom Fan FilterClean room air conditioner introduction The high efficiency filter is mainly used for collecting particle dust and various suspended objects under 0.5 um, as the end filtration of various filtration systems. Each system is tested by the flame method, which has the characteristics of high...Read More

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