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Modular air shower room

  • Electronic Clean Room Dust Removing Air Shower

    Contact NowElectronic Clean Room Dust Removing Air ShowerElectronic clean room introduction Electronic clean room generally applicable to electronic instruments and meters, computer, LCD manufacturing, optical glass manufacturing, aerospace industry, lithography, microcomputer manufacture industries, such as photoelectric dust-free workshop in...Read More

  • Hepa Filter Clean Room Design And Construction

    Contact NowHepa Filter Clean Room Design And ConstructionClean room ventilation introduction To clean room clean level, must have a comprehensive measures, including the process layout, construction plan, construction, building decoration materials, personnel, and purification, air purification measures, maintenance and management, etc. Among them air...Read More

  • Class 1000 Modular Portable Clean Room

    Contact NowClass 1000 Modular Portable Clean RoomClass 1000 Modular Portable Clean Room introduction According to international practice, the level of dust removal is mainly based on the number of particles in the air per cubic meter. That is to say, the dust is not completely free of dust, but is controlled in a very small amount of units. Of...Read More

  • Modular Mobile Clean Rooms

    Contact NowModular Mobile Clean RoomsModular Mobile Clean Rooms introduction FFU keel is clean room modularization ceiling system, our company production of the suspended ceiling system with the advantages of similar foreign products, according to the characteristics of the domestic clean workshop design, giving it a simple...Read More

  • Virtual Lab Clean Room

    Contact NowVirtual Lab Clean RoomLaser clean room introduction As a kind of clean room, clean lab USES some principle of general clean room in all kinds of construction. Clean laboratory in terms of location choice to comply with the design requirements of clean level, should choose the atmospheric dust concentration is low,...Read More

  • Multi Person Double Blower Air Shower Room Accessories

    Contact NowMulti Person Double Blower Air Shower Room AccessoriesAutomatic induction cargo air shower introduction More than double air shower, a purifying equipment, is for the staff entrance and out of clean areas set up by a dedicated channel, personal and can effectively remove the dust on the surface of the object, reduce the amount of dust into the...Read More

  • Semiconductor Clean Room Industrial Clean Room

    Contact NowSemiconductor Clean Room Industrial Clean RoomSemiconductor clean room introduction Clean room of the main function is to control products (such as silicon) contact by clean living and temperature and humidity of the atmosphere, can make the products in a good environment of production and manufacturing in the space, this space we call it a...Read More

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