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Medium effect air filter

  • Industrial Door Heaters Air Curtains

    Contact NowIndustrial Door Heaters Air CurtainsWind curtain introduction The wind curtain, also known as the wind mantle or the air curtain, is to use the Strip nozzle to send a certain speed, certain temperature and a certain thickness of the curtain air flow, used to partition another airstream. It is usually composed of air treatment...Read More

  • Air Shower Clean Room System

    Contact NowAir Shower Clean Room SystemAir shower clean room introduction Air purification systems, including air flue, along the duct with ventilation unit, high voltage electrostatic dust removal unit, water mist spray purification unit and ventilation unit, one of the high voltage electrostatic dust removal unit and water mist...Read More

  • High Quality General Right Angle,Shaped,Modular Cargo Air Shower Room

    Contact NowHigh Quality General Right Angle,Shaped,Modular Cargo Air Shower RoomUsage: Goods shower room is a necessary channel to access goods clean room, which can reduce pollution caused by entering and leaving the clean room installed between clean room and non-clean room as a local purification equipment with strong universality. It is necessary for people and goods to...Read More

  • Single Person Double Blow Air Shower Design

    Contact NowSingle Person Double Blow Air Shower DesignBiological safety cabinet introduction Laminar flow cabinet is one of the equipment that can isolate the operator from the product. Its main purpose is to avoid product contamination. The air from the clean room, then the fan installed in the top of the pressurized cabin is filtered through the...Read More

  • Hepa Filter Clean Room Design And Construction

    Contact NowHepa Filter Clean Room Design And ConstructionClean room ventilation introduction To clean room clean level, must have a comprehensive measures, including the process layout, construction plan, construction, building decoration materials, personnel, and purification, air purification measures, maintenance and management, etc. Among them air...Read More

  • Portable Clean Room Enclosures Air Filter

    Contact NowPortable Clean Room Enclosures Air FilterPortable clean room hood introduction Air filter refers to the air filtration unit, which is used for cleaning workshop, cleaning plant, laboratory and clean room, or used in electronic machinery communication equipment and other dustproof. There are initial filter, medium - effect filter, high...Read More

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