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Level 2 operating room

  • Custom Drug Dispensing Workshop Biochemical Clean Biological Sample Storage ICU Bacterial Culture Room

    Contact NowCustom Drug Dispensing Workshop Biochemical Clean Biological Sample Storage ICU Bacterial Culture RoomClean room (area) refers to the room (definite space) with control on concentration of suspended particles and bacteria contained in the air; it is necessary to reduce introduction, generation and retention of particles in the room during construction and use of the room (space); other relevant...Read More

  • ISO 6 Clean Room

    Contact NowISO 6 Clean RoomISO 6 clean Room introduction To clean room clean level, must have a comprehensive measures, including the process layout, building plane , building construction, building decoration materials, personnel, and purification, air purification measures, maintenance and management, etc. Among them...Read More

  • Multi Person Double Blower Air Shower Room Accessories

    Contact NowMulti Person Double Blower Air Shower Room AccessoriesAutomatic induction cargo air shower introduction More than double air shower, a purifying equipment, is for the staff entrance and out of clean areas set up by a dedicated channel, personal and can effectively remove the dust on the surface of the object, reduce the amount of dust into the...Read More

  • Professional Customized Level I II III Biological Safety Cabinets

    Contact NowProfessional Customized Level I II III Biological Safety CabinetsBiohazard safety equipment is an experiment operation platform designed with good air impermeability and equipped with hepa filter, mainly used for experiments and production operation in light radioactivity for microorganism with certain danger to human body and environment. Based on several...Read More

  • Aseptic Technique In The Operating Room Bacterial Culture Lab

    Contact NowAseptic Technique In The Operating Room Bacterial Culture LabOperating room sterile field introduction Aseptic technology is a series of operation techniques to maintain the sterile and sterile area and prevent the pathogenic microorganisms from invading the human body during the operation of medical care. Aseptic technique for prevention of hospital...Read More

  • Clean Room Project

    Contact NowClean Room ProjectClean room project introduction Clean room construction is the basis of pollution control. There is no dust free clean room, and polluting sensitive parts cannot be mass-produced. Dust-free clean room is within the scope of a certain space of the particles in the air, bacteria and other...Read More

  • Portable Clean Room Enclosures Air Filter

    Contact NowPortable Clean Room Enclosures Air FilterPortable clean room hood introduction Air filter refers to the air filtration unit, which is used for cleaning workshop, cleaning plant, laboratory and clean room, or used in electronic machinery communication equipment and other dustproof. There are initial filter, medium - effect filter, high...Read More

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