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Cleanroom Air Showers

  • Electronic Clean Room Dust Removing Air Shower

    Contact NowElectronic Clean Room Dust Removing Air ShowerElectronic clean room introduction Electronic clean room generally applicable to electronic instruments and meters, computer, LCD manufacturing, optical glass manufacturing, aerospace industry, lithography, microcomputer manufacture industries, such as photoelectric dust-free workshop in...Read More

  • Soft Wall Cleanroom Outfit

    Contact NowSoft Wall Cleanroom OutfitClean room outfit introduction Clean room, or dust free clean room, purification room or dust free clean room. It is the basis of pollution control. There is no dust free clean room, and polluting sensitive parts cannot be mass-produced. Within the FED - STD - 2, dust-free clean room is defined...Read More

  • Air Shower Clean Room System

    Contact NowAir Shower Clean Room SystemAir shower clean room introduction Air purification systems, including air flue, along the duct with ventilation unit, high voltage electrostatic dust removal unit, water mist spray purification unit and ventilation unit, one of the high voltage electrostatic dust removal unit and water mist...Read More

  • Class 1000 Softwall Modular Cleanroom

    Contact NowClass 1000 Softwall Modular CleanroomWorkshop dust free room introduction According to international practice, the level of dust removal is mainly based on the number of particles in the air per cubic meter. That is to say, the dust is not completely free of dust, but is controlled in a very small amount of units. Of course, the...Read More

  • Air Purifier Hepa Cleanroom Fan Filter

    Contact NowAir Purifier Hepa Cleanroom Fan FilterClean room air conditioner introduction The high efficiency filter is mainly used for collecting particle dust and various suspended objects under 0.5 um, as the end filtration of various filtration systems. Each system is tested by the flame method, which has the characteristics of high...Read More

  • Large Air Purifier System

    Contact NowLarge Air Purifier SystemAir purifier machine introduction The air purification system is a new wind system. The new wind system is a set of independent air processing system composed of air supply system and exhaust air system. It is divided into two types: the pipe and the new wind system and the non-pipeline new wind...Read More

  • High Efficiency Static Pressure Metal Mesh Plate Liquid Tank Seal Operating Room Filter Air Cleaner

    Contact NowHigh Efficiency Static Pressure Metal Mesh Plate Liquid Tank Seal Operating Room Filter Air CleanerClean laminar flow hood I. Application As an air purification unit for providing local clean environment, clean laminar flow hood can be flexibly installed above the technology points with high cleanliness, which can be used not only in single, but also in combined banding clean area; after air...Read More

  • High Performance Automatic Control Portable Modular Air Shower to Clean Room

    Contact NowHigh Performance Automatic Control Portable Modular Air Shower to Clean RoomWorking principle for air shower room Clean air flow after being filtered through high effect filter can spray to human body from different directions with rotating the nozzle, so as to effectively remove dust particles. Dust particles after being removed can be recycled to air shower area...Read More

  • Mobile Clean Room Clean Room Modular Air Shower Room

    Contact NowMobile Clean Room Clean Room Modular Air Shower RoomClean Room Modular Air Shower Room introduction FFU keel is clean room modularization ceiling system, our company production of the suspended ceiling system with the advantages of similar foreign products, according to the characteristics of the domestic clean workshop design, giving it a simple...Read More

  • Stainless Steel Sampling Vehicle Air Purification Units

    Contact NowStainless Steel Sampling Vehicle Air Purification UnitsAir purification units introduction Pass box is a kind of clean room accessory equipment, mainly used in clean areas and unclean areas between small items between delivery and to decrease the number of open the door for clean room, reduce the pollution of the clean room to a minimum. The...Read More

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