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Class 3 Biological Safety Cabinets

  • Class 1000 Softwall Modular Cleanroom

    Contact NowClass 1000 Softwall Modular CleanroomWorkshop dust free room introduction According to international practice, the level of dust removal is mainly based on the number of particles in the air per cubic meter. That is to say, the dust is not completely free of dust, but is controlled in a very small amount of units. Of course, the...Read More

  • Professional Customized Level I II III Biological Safety Cabinets

    Contact NowProfessional Customized Level I II III Biological Safety CabinetsBiohazard safety equipment is an experiment operation platform designed with good air impermeability and equipped with hepa filter, mainly used for experiments and production operation in light radioactivity for microorganism with certain danger to human body and environment. Based on several...Read More

  • Clean Room Iso 7 Iso Class 5 Cleanroom

    Contact NowClean Room Iso 7 Iso Class 5 CleanroomDust free clean room introduction The clean room at the ISO 5 level is less than 3,520 particles per cubic meter, equivalent to the 100 level of the Fed's std.209e.In the clean room of level 5, it is recommended to use ionic electrostatic eliminator to eliminate static electricity. In the...Read More

  • Class 100 Laboratory Clean Rooms

    Contact NowClass 100 Laboratory Clean RoomsLaboratory clean rooms introduction To clean room clean level, must have a comprehensive measures, including the process layout, building plane, building construction, building decoration materials, personnel, and purification, air purification measures, maintenance and management, etc. Among...Read More

  • Class 100000 100k Clean Room

    Contact NowClass 100000 100k Clean RoomClass 10000 clean room introduction 10000 levels of clean room is to a certain space range of particles in the air, bacteria and other harmful air pollutants, and hundreds of level of clean indoor temperature, cleanliness, interior pressure, air velocity and air distribution, noise, vibration,...Read More

  • Custom Drug Dispensing Workshop Biochemical Clean Biological Sample Storage ICU Bacterial Culture Room

    Contact NowCustom Drug Dispensing Workshop Biochemical Clean Biological Sample Storage ICU Bacterial Culture RoomClean room (area) refers to the room (definite space) with control on concentration of suspended particles and bacteria contained in the air; it is necessary to reduce introduction, generation and retention of particles in the room during construction and use of the room (space); other relevant...Read More

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