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Biological sample storage room

  • Clean Room Iso 7 Iso Class 5 Cleanroom

    Contact NowClean Room Iso 7 Iso Class 5 CleanroomDust free clean room introduction The clean room at the ISO 5 level is less than 3,520 particles per cubic meter, equivalent to the 100 level of the Fed's std.209e.In the clean room of level 5, it is recommended to use ionic electrostatic eliminator to eliminate static electricity. In the...Read More

  • Dust Free Clean Room Components

    Contact NowDust Free Clean Room ComponentsDust free clean room introduction Clean room, dust free clean room. Cleaning room or clean workshop .It is the basis of pollution control. There is no dust free clean room, and polluting sensitive parts cannot be mass-produced. Dust-free clean room is within the scope of a certain space of the...Read More

  • Hot Sale Automatic Stainless Steel Electronics Manually Operated Door Clean Room Air Shower

    Contact NowHot Sale Automatic Stainless Steel Electronics Manually Operated Door Clean Room Air ShowerAir shower room is local purification equipment with strong universality, installed at partition between clean room and non-clean room for dust removal before people or goods enter into clean areas, which can effectively reduce dusts to enter clean areas and keep the clean areas in normal...Read More

  • Semiconductor Clean Room Industrial Clean Room

    Contact NowSemiconductor Clean Room Industrial Clean RoomSemiconductor clean room introduction Clean room of the main function is to control products (such as silicon) contact by clean living and temperature and humidity of the atmosphere, can make the products in a good environment of production and manufacturing in the space, this space we call it a...Read More

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